The winners of the young cyber defence talent competition “CyberSpike” have been announced

Press release for “CyberSpike”: The Tallinn University of Technology Cyber Conference and the grand “CyberSpike” young cyber defence talent competition were held on 12 June. The preliminary stage of the competition series, involving legal hacking, took place in March with the participation of 170 young cyber talents, 50 of whom were invited to the hackathon held at the IT College in June to bring order to “Snowland”.

The aim of the hackathon, held as part of the “CyberSpike” competition was to help bring order to “Snowland”. Snowland’s main export is ice cream, but the factory under question had been experiencing IT-related issues, which were being taken advantage of by hackers, so the competitors were asked to help normalise the situation. To that end, the contestants had to defend a compromised computer network and ward off the attacks of unknown hackers. The competition scenario included software with a backdoor, as well as incorrectly configured systems, which meant that the speed and skill of the contestant determined how many attacks they could avert.

(Image: Romil Rõbtšenkov

“The nearly 4-hour-long event was extremely competitive, the room was silent like a library with everybody focusing intently on their task. The tension remained high until the very end as there was no clear leader at any point and the tides kept turning throughout. It was also exciting to see how the only foreign-national female contestant, Abasi-Amefon Obot Affia, fared,” explained Major Uko Valtenberg, the technical organiser from the Estonian Defence Forces.

The best of the competition were: First place – Artur Luik (Tallinn University of Technology), Second place – Georg Kahest (Tallinn University of Technology), III place – Martin Šikorov (Tallinn Gymnasium of Technology). Twenty-three of Estonia’s best 14 to 25 year olds were chosen to follow through to the Cyber Camp series, the first segment of which will be held from 26 June to 29 June in Kehtna Vocational Education Centre under the supervision of trainer Triin Muulmann. The first stage of the camp will reveal who is eligible to participate in the international competition “European Cyber Security Challenge” held in London in October and in a web-based competition “Cyber Patriot” organised by the US.

The cyber competition, talent programme and participation in international competitions is supported by the Estonian Internet Foundation and the Ministry of Defence. The programme is overseen by the TUT Centre for Digital Forensics and Cyber Security. More information on the winners and camp invitees at


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