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Back is now on sale!

The Estonian Internet Foundation is making available domain names that have been kept in reserve for more than a decade. Many exclusive domains are available, including single-character and toponymic domain names. is now on sale!

The Estonian Internet Foundation (EIF) reserved and blocked domain names in 2011 in order to make them available for institutions with a legitimate interest. While many reserved domain names have found an owner in the past 12 years, the domains that have not attracted interest during that time are now available to everyone worldwide. This week, is on sale.

The reserved domains will be auctioned in limited weekly batches to ensure that interested parties have sufficient time to bid. The names are placed on the market using an open-bid English auction, meaning that all bids made are visible to auction participants in real time.

Single-character domains are indisputably outstanding and memorable, holding the power to define the domain owners’ online presence and brand identity.

Their brevity ensures instant recall, making it easier for users to find and remember a website. Moreover, single-character domains are exclusive and prestigious, setting a brand apart in the vast online landscape.

It is truly a unique, timeless asset that not only enhances the online reputation but also holds the promise of long-term investment value. In addition to the several unique character combinations with the .ee domain, like, or, it’s an opportunity to craft a remarkable digital brand.

Heiki Sibul, the CEO of the Estonian Internet Foundation stated that this is a significant step for the Estonian internet: “We can say that this is a historic step, as the reserved and blocked domains will be available to everyone for the first time ever. We are an open and liberal registry, and by releasing previously reserved domains, we are fulfilling this goal. It is now possible, for example, to own a domain with a place name you love.”

Sibul adds that the proceeds from the auction of reserved domains will be invested in developing a more efficient .ee and making the Estonian Internet safer: ‘In this way, auction participants will contribute to making the Internet better in Estonia.’

The Estonian Internet Foundation manages the .ee TLD and represents the Estonian Internet community. Reserved toponymic and single-character domains will be up for auction from 12 September, until next summer. The terms and conditions of the auction and how to participate can be found here. See the schedule of the domain auction at

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