Our tasks

The Estonian Internet Foundation represents the Estonian Internet community and handles the management of Estonia's top-level domain .ee and its sub-domains. The key missions of the Estonian Internet Foundation are:

  • representing the Estonian Internet community internationally, in the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and other relevant organizations responsible for Internet management;
  • managing ccTLD, other TLDs related to Estonia and handling the domain registration process in accordance with the wishes of the Internet community, including the national interests of the Republic of Estonia;
  • enforcing the rules and fees of the ccTLD;
  • keeping and managing the domain name registry and information systems around it, whilst ensuring their availability, reliability and security.

Our management

Supervisory Board

Aet Rahe
Chairman of the Board | Founder, Art IT Consulting

Andrus Tamm
Member of the Board | OÜ Vebelex, CEO

Tiit Vapper

Member of the Board | Founder, Reaalsüsteemid AS

Kaia Sarnet

Member of the Board | Ministry of Regional Affairs and Agriculture, Deputy Chancellor

Karmen Turk
Member of the Board | Sworn Attorney and partner, Triniti Estonia

Kristo Vaher
Member of the Board | Government Chief Technology Officer, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

Management Board

Heiki Sibul
Member of the Board