The .ee domain represents our national identity and facilitates the sharing of information with Estonians and the global community - a website serves as your company's business card on the Internet. The .ee domain is the most common in Estonia and therefore, most familiar to Estonians. In addition, Google puts .ee addresses ahead of others among the answers given to queries made from Estonia. It is an effective way to increase your website's SEO, i.e. to improve your visibility on the Internet and in various search engines.

Why register the .ee domain?

In addition to the fact that .ee is a digital gateway to Estonians, there are several other reasons for registering a name with a top-level domain with a country code:

  • Your website is your company's business card and helps tell your story exactly the way you want. A web address is also an important marketing outlet for businesses, complementing a social media presence.

  • The website creates credibility among customers and a professional image of your company - it enables you to create a matching email address.

  • The website ensures the company's presence on the Internet even if social media channels are hijacked or stop working. In addition, a personal e-mail address also reduces dependence on other service providers.

  • Registering a domain ensures exclusive use of your company's chosen name. The .ee domain is also worth registering if you offer products or services to the foreign market - so you can be sure that the web address with your company's name is not used for malicious purposes in the local market.

Be first!

The .ee domains are registered on a first-come, first-served basis - so it is worth registering a domain with your company's name as soon as possible.
However, according to the principle applicable to domain name registration, there may be situations where the domain name is registered by a person who may not be in good faith with the corresponding name. If a domain name is deliberately hijacked, it is possible to contact the Domain Disputes Committee established at the Estonian Internet Foundation.

How to register your .ee domain?

To register a domain, first make sure it is free. If this is the case, you can register the domain through a registrar  of your choice. In addition to choosing a name, you also need to decide how long you want it to last - a shorter registration period helps manage cash flow better, but a longer period reduces the administrative burden associated with extending the registration and protects against inflation. .ee domains can be registered from three months to ten years, and it is also possible to use full stop letters in the domain name.

Domain Auctions

Many domains are already registered, but don't get discouraged. For domains that are already registered, consider participating in our Auction Portal. Here, domains become available daily, including those that are deleted, reserved, or blocked. Until the spring of 2024, it is exclusively possible to become the owner of single-character .ee domains, in addition to domain with Estonian place and country names.

Protect your domain!

Protecting yourself and your customers is becoming more and more important in cyberspace. You can conveniently increase the security of your website using the security key system DNSSEC, which you can add to the domain along with its registration - be sure to ask your registrar or name server service provider about this. DNSSEC prevents cybercriminals from redirecting your website's users to a similar-looking page with the goal of phishing. In addition to DNSSEC, implementing DANE further secures email communications. If you have already registered a .ee web address, you can add DNSSEC and DANE security extensions manually.

The future of electronic identification

If your company offers software solutions or services in which it is important to identify the end users of the service, then we have just the right solution for you - eeID. eeID offers a strong authentication solution with international scope, simplifying access to a wide range of identification solutions with a single interface, thus alleviating administrative burdens. With just one connection and interface, you get access to various national and international identification solutions and get rid of the administrative burden associated with them. Thanks to FIDO, we also offer international reach and password-free authentication with the service. Thus, we bring to businesses the future of personal identification, which is flexible and convenient, but at the same time extremely efficient and secure.
Read more about the eeID service on our website!

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