The purpose of this procedure is to set forth, pursuant to clause 3.3.2 of the Estonian Internet Foundation (EIF) Doman Regulation, a list of General Domains and conditions for registration of Sub-domains under General Domains.

1. Conditions for registration of Sub-domains under General Domains

1.1. General Domains are used to group and distinguish Domain Names of persons and institutions with similar characteristics.

1.2. A Registrant submitting an application for registration of a Domain Name under a General Domain is obliged to append to the application documents substantiating the Registrant’s conformity to the characteristics of the relevant General Domain as listed in clause 2.

1.3. Prior to registration of a Sub-domain under a General Domain, the Registrar shall verify the conformity of the data presented by the Registrant to the characteristics listed in clause 2.

2. List and characteristics of General Domains

2.1. – companies in the sense of the Commercial Code;
2.2. – natural persons;
2.3. – sole proprietors in the sense of the Commercial Code;
2.4. – medical institutions.

In case of any wording misapprehensions between the English and Estonian version of this Domain Regulation, wording in Estonian is superior and legally binding.