.ee registry system

The new registry system has been developed as an open source project and can be found

EPP documentation: https://github.com/internetee/registry/blob/master/doc/epp/README.md

REPP documentation: https://internetee.github.io/repp-apidoc
XML schemas: https://github.com/internetee/registry/tree/master/lib/schemas

Production environment

Registrar's test environment


  • EPP API - please send certificate signing request and an IP address, from where you need the access to jaana.jarve@internet.ee;
  • Registrar's portal - please send us a username, personal identification code (authentication with the ID-card), certificate signing request (cn value has to be the username) and IP addresses, from where you need the access to jaana.jarve@internet.ee.

Auction system

Domains becoming available in the .ee registry go through a 24-hour blind auction to ensure equal opportunities for everyone to register expiring domains. The winner of the auction gains the right to register the respective domain, and to exercise this right, they must approach the registrar. To exercise the registration right, the registrant must submit a reservation code to the registrar. The registrar registers the domain won from the auction in the same way as a reserved domain. The registrar is not required to check the congruence of the registrant's data with the auction winner's data.