The .ee domain represents our national identity and facilitates the sharing of information with Estonians and the global community - a website serves as your online business card.
The .ee domain is the most common in Estonia and therefore, most familiar to Estonians. In addition, Google puts .ee addresses ahead of others among the answers given to queries made from Estonia.

First comes, first served

.ee web addresses are registered on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is worth registering your own name or a domain you like as soon as possible. Check the availability of your desired domain name on our website!

Why register the .ee domain?

There are several reasons for doing this:
  • By registering a web address with your name, you ensure that no one else does it. It is also important from the point of view of the future - it is worth registering the domain early even if you are thinking about starting your own company or introducing your activities in a few years.
  • When registering a .ee web address, you have a great opportunity to also use dotted letters - so the name and its meaning do not have to change in the domain name.
  • After registering the domain, you can also use it as an e-mail address. This approach ensures your online identity remains consistent, regardless of changes in service providers.

How to choose a good domain name?

The domain name should be as short as possible, specific, distinctive and give an idea of ​​what you do or who you are. Special characters can also be used for .ee web addresses. In addition to choosing a name, think about the length of the domain registration period. 

A shorter period is a one-time lower expense, but a longer registration period reduces the administrative burden associated with the domain and ensures protection against price changes. Today you can choose the length of web address registration from three months to ten years.

Domain name chosen, how to register it?

If you have found a suitable domain name for you, you can register it in three simple steps:
  • First make sure on our website that the domain is free.
  • Choose the registrar you like from among our accredited registrars.
  • Register your domain through a registrar for the desired period. Remember that domain registration can always be extended.

Is the desired domain already registered?

Many .ee domains are already registered, but don't get discouraged. Keep an eye on our Auction Portal, where the domains available for registration arrive every day - whether they are deleted, reserved or blocked domains.
We invest the proceeds from the domain auction in the development of a more efficient and secure .ee, and every year we also support projects related to the development of IT knowledge. Therefore, by participating in the auction, you also make your contribution to society.

Stay up to date with internet developments!

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