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2024 brought surprising trends to the .ee domain names

The beginning of the year has brought new and, in some ways, interesting trends to the .ee domain names. We are happy to share that the year-over-year growth of the .ee domain as of the end of the first quarter is 6.1% and the total number of registrations was 9 513. Let's look deeper into the words used the most during the first quarter of 2024.
2024 brought surprising trends to the .ee domain names

In 2024, house and shop have become more and more popular keywords used in .ee addresses. On the other hand, we can see that the popularity of the previously widely used keywords “kinnisvara” (real estate) and "est" has gradually started to decline. The top three spots on the list still belong to the words “auto” (car), “est” (Estonia) and “ehitus” (construction).

In the first quarter, the use of the word loan, which did not show its presence at the top of the list in the same period last year, has increased by leaps and bounds. On the one hand, this is a sign of the emergence of companies offering loan services, but on the other hand, gives an idea of ​​Estonians' need for them. The economy and people's livelihood situation probably play their own role in it.

In addition, although Estonian place names are still actively used in web addresses, Tartu has found more use in the first half of the year. This is thanks to the title of the European Capital of Culture, which is actively used by various institutions and companies in their digital channels and marketing. The words “service”, “digital” and “man” have also found more and more use in the .ee domains.

Changes can also be seen in the disappearance of previously popular keywords, such as “art”, “flower”, “electricity” and “forest”. Instead of them, however, “airsoft”, “master”, “food” and “AI” are raising their heads. Various words related to technology have become more popular, but topics that were relevant last year, such as electricity, have already disappeared from Estonian thoughts.

Auctions  of the single-character .ee domains have also brought new interest to the .ee web addresses. As part of this, we have brought several .ee domains with Estonian place and country names, as well as one-letter and numeric domains to the market. In weekly limited patches, several more memorable domains, including, and, will be auctioned.

In summary, the words used in the web addresses give a good overview of current topics in society. Although the top list is filled with already familiar words, we see that the quarterly changes reflect well the fields of activity of new companies and institutions. Active registration of a domain with a country code shows that .ee is still highly valued.

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