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43rd ICANN summit to focus on new gTLD programme and actuality of domain register’s WHOIS database

At the 43rd ICANN summit beginning today in San José leaders of the organisations dealing with domain names will focus on the current status of the programme for new generic top-level domains (gTLD), the task of ensuring actuality of the domain register’s WHOIS database and the corresponding challenges in the field of cyber security.
The main topic of the 43rd ICANN summit is the new gTLD programme, especially as there is precisely one month remaining for submission of applications for new gTLD adoption. The programme will result in ground-breaking changes in the realm of domain names, allowing corporations, non-profit organisations and community groups to manage their selected gTLDs. The extensive changes include usage of many alphabets in addition to the default Latin option as one can now apply for IDNs (internationalised domain names) with Cyrillic or Arabic letters or even hieroglyphs. 

The other central topic of the summit is ensuring actuality of WHOIS data as it is now of interest to national governments as a key factor of cyber security. Furthermore, the issue of correctness of WHOIS data is also important in the context of the aforementioned gTLD programme because registration of new generic top-level domain names can result in profiteers “hunting” for attractive domain names. 

Marek-Andres Kauts, Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian Internet Foundation, will speak on the topic of ensuring WHOIS actuality.

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