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About 60% of Estonian companies owning a .ee domain have a web address with the company’s name

In 2021, more than 26,000 companies and nearly 27,000 new .ee domains were registered in Estonia. Comparing these two figures, it may be concluded that almost every company also registers a .ee domain in its name and everything is all right; however, this is not the case, and you will find both the results and the reasons below the picture.
About 60% of Estonian companies owning a .ee domain have a web address with the company’s name
Why can’t the number of new companies be compared with the number of .ee domains registered at the same time? Because .ee domains also include domains registered by foreign companies as well as domains owned by private individuals. Moreover, there are a number of other legal entities (NGOs, etc.) that also register domains. Furthermore, one company can register an unlimited number of domains for itself!

Since we are looking specifically at the domains connected with the names of Estonian companies, we compared the business statistics with the .ee registry to get a better picture, and found that about 60% of Estonian companies that own one or more domains have also registered a .ee domain with the name of their company.

What does it show? One thing it clearly shows is that Estonian companies need to become more aware of the fact that their corporate identity can be protected online in a very simple and inexpensive way. Of course, there are other options (domains, social media platforms on which to be visible, etc.), but if your company’s target market is Estonia, you should consider registering a domain with your company name.

On the one hand, it is the most familiar and common domain in Estonia, and on the other hand, it gives the entrepreneur peace of mind that their name is protected. And since domains are registered on a first come, first served basis, it makes sense to register a domain for yourself immediately after setting up your business.

To raise awareness, we have also created a page, where anyone can check if the .ee domain with the name of their company is still available and register it in their name, if possible. You can also find out about the advantages of having a .ee address and read three short testimonials.

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