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Annual report of the .EE domain

The Estonian Internet Foundation has published its 2023 .EE Annual Report. In the publication, we give an overview of the .ee domain's statistics, trends and results. We also take a closer look to the .ee position in the European domain market and gives an insight on the last year domain auctions.
Annual report of the .EE domain
In 2023, a total of 26 588 new .ee domains were registered. With that the overall growth of the .ee reached 5,26%. The number of renewals of domain registrations also grew, reaching the total level of 86,1%. In addition, the 160 000th .ee domain was registered and for the first time in history, we started to bring single-character and toponymic domains to the market. 

With the new open-bid English auction, we made previously reserved domains available for everyone worldwide. You can learn from the yearbook about the winning bids to the domains and also about the projects that are supported by the proceeds from the auctions. 

To conclude, we can proudly say that 2023 was a successful year for the .ee. We are positively standing out from the overall European domain market. The Estonian Internet Foundation strives to offer the best value to the .ee domain owners together with our registrars.

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.EE Annual Report

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