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Domain as a vehicle for a marketing message? Why not!

First a common knowledge – one variable in the success of marketing messages is how much they can differentiate from competing messages in terms of form or content. The increased attention generated by differentiation converts either to better brand awareness, more purchases, or to any values targeted by the marketer.

Domain as a vehicle for a marketing message? Why not!

Of course, it is necessary to consider the financial rationale behind this attempt to differentiate – ideally, the cost could be as low as possible and the attention as high as possible. However, sometimes such attention can be gained when messages are transmitted in a new way, and the jackpot is won by whoever comes out with a novel solution first.

Over time, there have been various short forms of text messages – telegram, pager, SMS, then Twitter and the many more. However, one obvious thing has been overlooked in this increasingly digital world – also domains could be the media for messages.

These can also be considered as a short form for message delivery and bear in mind, that the maximum length of a single domain message is up to 63 characters, plus a period and EE.

How to deliver message with a domain? For example, you can create a number of long domains and direct them from one to another so that the domains make up something with a larger meaning. Or, create one giant URL and ask customers to type it into the browser.

That is exactly what did Miller, the US brewery, who created a 62-character domain with an additional 836-character URL referring to the unique news. And to create a sense of want, the 5,000 first ones who typed the domain into the browser (read: or copied?) got an $8 voucher from Miller.

And what is the big plus for such a domain-as-message campaign? Firstly, it is novel, which is why there is potential for differentiation. Secondly, domains are very affordable in terms of marketing costs, and thirdly, traffic reaching the domain is also very measurable.

So, if you plan to choose a national domain or ee-ending addresses as the “body” of your marketing messages, order them from our accredited registrars, and best of luck!

PS. Who wants to see how long is this 836-character domain, can watch it from the video:

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