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.ee domain price to drop to 9 euros

On 1 January 2015, the Estonian Internet Foundation will bring the price of an .ee domain down to 9 euros.

An .ee domain can be registered for one, two or three years. The domain name registration fee in 2015 will be 9, 17 or 24 euros depending on the length of the registration period.

According to Aet Rahe, chairman of the Foundation’s Supervisory Board, it is possible to cut the price thanks to the efficient functioning of the Foundation and the favourable market situation. “The Estonian Internet Foundation is implementing the strategy adopted in 2013; the activity of the Foundation is increasingly cost-effective and the number of registered .ee domain names is increasing year on year, last year by even as much as 9%. These factors have allowed us to bring the price of the service down,” said Rahe.

The prices are the domain name registration fees charged by the Estonian Internet Foundation from registrars, i.e. service providers. The amount of the registration fee to the registrant is established by the registrar. VAT is added to the fee.

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