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.ee domains with diacritics introduced one year ago today

Precisely one year ago today the Estonian Internet Foundation introduced domains with names containing diacritical marks (letters ä, ö, ü, õ, š and ž), thus ensuring that the whole Estonian alphabet is now available for .ee domain names. Over this period of 12 months, a total of 1223 domain names with diacritics have been registered.
In the first 15 minutes on 13 June 2011 a total of 411 applications for domain names with diacritical marks were received. By the end of that day, the number of applications was 467. By the end of June, 769 such domains were registered. With the exception of the first registration month, the average number of domains with diacritics registered per month has been 38. As of today, a total of 1,223 domain names with diacritical marks have been registered.

Over this period of 12 months a total of about 12,870 .ee domain names have been registered, with the average monthly number of registrations at 1,072.

The practice of registering conventional .ee domain names and those containing diacritical marks demonstrates that the demand for domains with diacritics has remained as stable as the overall number of .ee domain name registrations per month.
The register currently contains a total of 66,021 .ee domains.

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