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Estonian Internet Foundation is highly rated amongst .ee Registrars

The Estonian Internet Foundation (EIF) conducted recently a satisfaction survey among its accredited .ee registrars. The purpose of the survey was to map satisfaction with our services and to collect input for the future developments and activities.
Estonian Internet Foundation is highly rated amongst .ee Registrars

We are happy to share that the Registrars' satisfaction with the quality of EIF services is high and is rated with 9.2 on a 10-point scale. The Registrars point out our good and effective systems and rare occurrence of problems. In addition, the respondents point out the website that includes comprehensive information and additionally most of the answers to questions raised. Moreover, the Registrars point out EIF's great support in the case of questions or problems.

The .ee registry system also received a very positive response, which was evaluated with 9.1 points, and the Registrar's portal, with which satisfaction was evaluated with 8.9 points. According to the Registrars, they are sufficiently and well aware of the planned changes and can take them into account in a timely manner. We also received great ideas on how to make the content of the Registrar's Portal even better and helpful.

We also investigated more closely the satisfaction with the process of releasing the deleted .ee domains, which received a score of 9 points from the registrars. Although not all Registrars have experience with the registration of domains acquired from our domain auction, the simplicity and logical structure of the process was outlined. There have been a few technical problems with the auctions, but once again, they have found a quick and effective solution. Most Registrars do not share information about the domain auctions with their customers, but on the other hand, EIF has taken this role in our channels since last year. Therefore, domain enthusiasts should keep an eye on both our Auction Portal and X (Twitter).

Registrars highly appreciate the communication with EIF on technical, regulatory and marketing questions, all with a score of 9. Compared to the last survey, conducted in 2019, the ratings are almost twice as high. The developments made by EIF are evaluated with 8.5 points. The respondents highlight the more active involvement of Registrars, a big part of that is in the new coffee morning format that helps us to share our plans and ideas with Registrars in a regular and efficient way.

To conclude, we can say that Registrars' satisfaction with EIF has grown significantly over the past few years. We are working to maintain the level of satisfaction in the future in order to be the best possible partner for our Registrars. The survey gave us many good ideas and food for thought in the light of creating our new strategy.

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