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Estonian Internet Foundation’s scholarship recipients are Martin Kurgi and Andres Põder

The scholarships offered by the Estonian Internet Foundation via the Development Fund of the Tallinn University of Technology have been awarded to Business Information Technology student Martin Kurgi and Computer Systems student Andres Põder. The scholarship recipients were selected from among 8 candidates by the joint commission of the Estonian Internet Foundation and the Development Fund of the Tallinn University of Technology.

The scholarships were handed over yesterday, November 24th, 2010, at the reception held at the Tallinn Town Hall in honour of the recipients. “It is an internationally widespread tradition for national Internet organisations to facilitate technological education and popularisation of the field of technology. One of the reasons is that the Internet success is largely due to its humble beginnings in academic circles,” commented Marek-Andres Kauts, Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian Internet Foundation. “Our offering of scholarships to the best students is also like repaying a debt of honour because for 18 years the .ee top domain management expenses were taken from funds allocated for education and science,” Kauts added.

Commenting on the choice of the scholarship recipients, Kauts remarked: “All 8 candidates demonstrated excellent academic results and it was difficult to select just two scholarship recipients from among them. In addition to the academic results, we also considered the active life attitude.”

Martin Kurgi, Estonian Internet Foundation’s scholarship recipient: “The Business Information Technology specialty covers both information technology and economy. I aim to become a top-level specialist in both fields and the scholarship will certainly provide additional motivation.” 

“I come from Aseri in Ida-Virumaa. University studies and living in Tallinn mean inevitable additional expenses and you have to seriously consider working in addition to attending the lectures. Working in parallel with university attendance, especially in the first years, inevitably reduces the time you can spend studying,” said Andres Põder, Estonian Internet Foundation’s scholarship recipient. “The scholarship will allow me to focus on the academic activities and self-development. My goal is to acquire as well as possible the education provided by the Tallinn University of Technology and become an excellent IT specialist,” Põder added. Andres Põder also takes active part in student extracurricular activities and is member of the Student Council of the IT Faculty of the Tallinn University of Technology.

One scholarship is 20,000 kroons.

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