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Heiki Sibul will continue as the head of the Estonian Internet Foundation

The Council of the Estonian Internet Foundation (EIF) selected a board member for the foundation through a public competition. According to the council's decision, the current head of the foundation, Heiki Sibul, will continue as a member of the board. The new term of the board member begins on September 26 of this year and lasts for five years.
Heiki Sibul will continue as the head of the Estonian Internet Foundation

Heiki Sibul has been leading EIF since 2012. Under Sibul's leadership, the .ee registry has demonstrated sustainable operations and stood out as a leading developer and innovator in the field throughout Europe by launching both domain auctions and services supporting .ee registration. In addition, the local internet community is actively involved through several events such as Internet Day and Opinion Festival, as well as supporting projects and activities popularizing the field.

Heiki Sibul is happy to continue the open and development-oriented management of the .ee registry: "EIF continues to dedicate itself to serving the internet community. It is important to ensure sustainable operation in an uncertain economic environment, so that the credibility of .ee as an Estonian national domain grows even more. I want to use my experience in the best way to create a freer, fairer and safer internet."

The Estonian Internet Foundation manages the .ee top-level domain and represents the Estonian Internet community. The Foundation's council consists of Eneken Lipp, Erik Janson, Karmen Turk, Toomas Vaks, Tõnu Grünberg, and Aet Rahe (chairman).

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