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Internet Day 2017 - Internet - Data! Algorithms! Paradise?

On March 30, the Internet Day 2017 conference will be held for the third time, and will cover topics of Estonian Internet development. The keywords of the event are algorithms, social media, data, the right of data ownership, internet paradise and crime, as well as internet footprints. The Estonian Internet Foundation is organizing the event.

For the third time, data, algorithms, and paradise will be put under scrutiny for Internet Day! That is, do algorithms help you see the world through rose-tinted glasses? Do you know how your information flow is directed? Why do you just see specific kinds of advertising in social media? Who owns the data about you? Would you like to have the right of ownership over the data about yourself? Is the free movement of data the fifth fundamental human right? Moreover, is the Internet a paradise for criminals? Who is responsible if somebody else lives your life on the Internet? How can you prove criminal activity on the Internet? Has the legal system become outdated for the digital era?

These and other intriguing questions will be debated by Henrik Roonemaa, Ainar Ruussaar, Jaanus Tehver, Henrik Aavik, Karmen Turk, Mairi Heinsalu, Sten Lind, Hanna Turetski-Toomik, Viljar Peep, Märt Põder and Margus Mägi.

The main focus of the one-day conference is to bring together people who are interested in the Estonian internet community and to discuss and contribute to its future developments.

Internet Day 2017 is in Estonian and free of charge for participants. For more information and registration, please visit: pä Follow the event on Twitter with #ipäev, @Eesti_Internet and in Facebook @eestiinternet.

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