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Marek-Andres Kauts resigns as board member

Today Marek-Andres Kauts, Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian Internet Foundation, has reached the following agreement with the Supervisory Board of the foundation: he will continue working at the foundation until the end of July 2012 in an advisory capacity to assist in the redelegation process but is to resign as Member of the Management Board.

Jaanus Tehver has now been appointed new member of the Management Board of the Estonian Internet Foundation. He has accordingly resigned as Member of the Supervisory Board.

“Over a period of four years I was building up this institution, acquiring useful experience of working with conflicting interest groups and creating a novel structure in Estonia on the ICANN example. This work is now finished and I want to focus on developing my family firm. The plan to go into the family business had been in place by the beginning of this year but I had to postpone it to due to redelegation issues. Now I am handing the control over to Jaanus Tehver but will remain here for a few months as process advisor,” Kauts said.

Maria Värton, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Estonian Internet Foundation, pointed out that Marek-Andres Kauts had cooperated with the ICANN for the purpose of reorganising the Estonian domains system since 2008. In the same year an agreement was reached between the government, the Tallinn University of Technology, local Internet providers, representatives of copyright holders and the parties previously engaged in top-level domain administration to concentrate all .ee domain administration tasks in one new organisation, the Estonian Internet Foundation. “Kauts has done so much and now we have a modern domain organisation and the domain registration procedure has become clear and transparent. Jaanus Tehver will now be in charge of the foundation and the primary objective is to complete the ICANN delegation process. In the autumn we will have a competition to determine a new Management Board Member,” Värton added.

The Supervisory Board of the Estonian Internet Foundation listened to the auditors’ overview of the analysis of the foundation’s financial report for the year 2011. The conclusion is that the report contains correct information and, despite the criticism in the mass media, the expenses part of the report does not contain anything that is illegal or violates good business practices. The Supervisory Board approved the financial report for the year 2011. The Supervisory Board also decided that meetings conducted by international organisations should by default be attended by one person appointed by the Management Board, stressing that it is a duty of the Management Board to economise as much as possible.

Jaanus Tehver is a lawyer, an attorney-at-law and partner in the Tehver & Partnerid Law Office. He commenced activities as a lawyer in 1998 and acquired a diploma in European Union law at King’s College in London. Jaanus Tehver is a Member of the Board of the Estonian Bar Association.


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