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Meeting with members of the Internet Users Advisory Board

Representatives of the Estonian Internet Foundation and members of the Internet Users Advisory Board met on Friday to discuss possible domain regulation changes and possibilities for closer involvement of the Internet community.

The meeting was organised to formulate the starting points for the upcoming discussions with the Internet community due to the possible domain regulation changes. The update proposals are based on the two-year experience of running the domain register and their purpose is to eliminate discrepancies in the domain regulation and the actual processes taking place in the register. The Estonian Internet Foundation also wished to gauge any further proposals regarding domain regulation changes.

The participating members of the Internet Users Advisory Board became familiarised with the Estonian Internet Foundation’s principles of Internet community involvement and discussed various possibilities for improvement of the cooperation with different representatives of the Internet community to ensure balanced representation of their interests. 

For further discussion of the relevant topics the Estonian Internet Foundation will convene its Registrars Workgroup.

The Internet Users Advisory Board consists of experts who want to contribute to discussions on the regulation and principles of administration of the Estonian national domain (.ee) and these experts serve as a link between the interests and needs of Internet users and the activities of the Estonian Internet Foundation.

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