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New year, new .ee domain

As the holidays draw near, offering a welcome break from the hustle of daily life, many of us will retreat to our homes to bask in the long-awaited tranquility of Christmas and engage in thoughtful planning for the upcoming year. As we usher in 2024, what better way to commence the year than by establishing a new digital home? Unquestionably, the .ee domain stands out as the perfect choice.
New year, new .ee domain

The .ee domain not only crafts a valuable digital identity for its owner but also serves as a platform to showcase individuals or their ventures to a global audience. Furthermore, domain registration grants the privilege of creating a personalized email address. Thus, having an online presence proves beneficial not only for businesses but for individuals of all ages.Let's take a closer look at the ways you can become the owner of a .ee domain.

The simplest method is to register a brand-new domain. This involves selecting a unique domain name and checking its availability, a process easily performed on the homepage search engine. You can incorporate all letters of the Estonian alphabet, including dotted letters, and the length can extend up to 63 characters. Once you confirm the availability of your chosen domain name, you can register it through an accredited .ee registrar for a desired duration, ranging from three months to ten years. It's crucial to note that each domain has a validity period, necessitating renewal upon expiration to prevent deletion and re-entry into the market, making it available worldwide. Alongside domain registration, we advocate the installation of DNSSEC security extensions for enhanced security for both the owner and users.

As of today, there are over 163,000 .ee domains, potentially leading to situations where your preferred domain is already registered. However, numerous domains are available through Domain Auctions. Each day, numerous new .ee domains enter the market, including those released from deletion, i.e., domains not renewed on time. These deleted domains undergo a 24-hour auction, employing a blind bidding system. The highest bidder secures registration with the .ee registrar. Keeping an eye on our Auction Portal is worthwhile, as intriguing domains become available daily. Additionally, we've introduced a wishlist feature, allowing you to specify your desired domain for notification if it enters an auction.

Exclusive .ee domains are also up for grabs in the open-bid English Auction hosted on our Auction Portal. These domains include reserved and blocked .ee domains, featuring Estonian place names, country names, single-character letters, and numbers. This presents an ideal chance to own a domain with a name close to your heart. Single-character domains offer unique combinations with the .ee extension. For instance,,,, and others will soon be auctioned. Bidding spans seven days, with all bids public. The successful bidder secures the privilege of registering the domain with the .ee registrar. The auction runs until the summer of 2024, and details about the schedule for the upcoming weeks are available on our website.

It's essential to highlight that the proceeds from these auctions are reinvested to enhance the efficiency and security of .ee. Furthermore, contributions are made to foster IT knowledge development in society through various projects we fund every year. Therefore, each auction winner not only gains practical value for themselves but also contributes to the advancement of the Internet and the local community.

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