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Price for .ee domains to be slashed by 11.8% in 2013

The Supervisory Board of the Estonian Internet Foundation has decided to reduce the .ee domain price by 11.8% (to EUR 15) in 2013. The amendment to the Domain Regulation extending available domain registration periods to 2 and 3 years has also been approved.

“The budget of our foundation for the year 2013 takes into account the reduction of the domain price from EUR 17 to EUR 15. Currently 1,000 domain names are registered per month on average. We estimate that registration of about 88% of all domains will be extended in 2012. Our strategic objective is to further increase the domain quantity, thus enabling us to reduce the fee again and substantially,” stated Heiki Sibul, Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian Internet Foundation.

2013 will also see the prolongation of the maximum domain registration periods to 2 and 3 years instead of the current maximum time of one year. The domain price will be, accordingly, EUR 15, 29 and 42.

“We are witnessing considerable demand for longer domain registration periods, hence we expect this change to boost the domain numbers. The advantageous rates for longer domain registration periods are another illustration of our commitment to price reduction,” Sibul added.

The changes will come into force on 1 March 2013.

The domain registration fee is the fee that registrars are to pay the Estonian Internet Foundation. The cost for the end user who wishes to register a domain is subject to the particular registrar’s pricing policy in the context of free market competition. The fee is subject to VAT.

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