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Registry has temporarily stopped accepting domain applications. Update: Registry operations resumed 06.07 14:12

Estonian Internet Foundation asks patience from registrants. Apparently not all registrars had equivalent access to our Registry. The registry-registrar model requires that all registrars are treated as equals thus registrations from all registrars were ceased until further test can be carried out with all parties involved. Registrars will continue to accept all applications from registrants. Registry will be restarted after exhaustive tests have been carried out. In order to guarantee stability of the access some changes will have to be carried out in RIPE database.

It is vitally important to ensure all registrars will have equal access to the registry. Estonian Internet Foundation would like to sincerely apologise for any inconvienience and will inform shortly of the time when registry operations will continue.

Update: Estonian Internet Foundation re-started procedures with registrars 06.07 at 14:12

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