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The .ee zone file has been updated to include license terms.

The Estonian Internet Foundation has supplemented the license terms of its .ee zone file. These additions, modeled after the Swedish register, increase user-friendliness and contribute to society.
The .ee zone file has been updated to include license terms.

A zone file is essentially a text file that contains information about a domain name and related services, including name servers, and its openness increases the transparency of the .ee namespace and contributes to the development of the Estonian Internet, enables data analysis, use in research and business, and archiving of the most important web pages.

The zone file has always been protected by copyright and all rights have belonged to the Estonian Internet Foundation. We decided to add a CC BY 4.0 license to the zone file, allowing authors to protect their creations flexibly.

The corresponding license is also very convenient for users; it allows sharing, remaking, and adapting the zone file, as well as using it for commercial purposes under certain conditions. The Estonian Internet Foundation does not fully surrender its rights, and according to the license conditions, the user must always refer to the author of the zone file, the license, and also note the changes made to the zone file. However, there is no need to pay royalties.

In case of a violation of the license terms, we reserve the right to block the corresponding IP address's access to the zone file and revoke the individual's rights to use the zone file in the future. Therefore, if you are interested in sharing zone file data with others, please contact us at and familiarize yourself with the .ee zone file on our website

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