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The number of registered .ee domains passed 70,000

Today, almost three years after the domain reform, the number of domains passed 70,000, of which 1,250 are domain names using Estonian diacritics.

According to the number of registered domains, there are 54.4 .ee domain names per 1,000 persons in Estonia, while the number in Latvia and Lithuania is 51.7 and 52.5, respectively. The Finnish national domain .fi has been registered slightly more than the Estonian equivalent at 59.7 and the Swedish domain .se stands at 135.6 times per 1,000 persons.

Since March 2013, it has been possible to register a .ee domain for a period of up to three years. In these four months, about 490 of the 70,000 domains have been registered for two years and about 660 for three years. These are mostly renewals.

According to figures from 2013, an average of 1,130 .ee domain names are registered every month, which is 13 percent more than within the same period at 2012.

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