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We are looking for QA junior engineer

to ensure the quality of the environments we develop and check that the systems work and function according to the given scope.
We are looking for QA junior engineer
We develop an open-source domain registry solution for domain registries and registrars. We are also the first registry in the world to solve domain speculation problem with blind auctions. 

Your role will be to identify functionality in our software that does not have sufficient test coverage and improve that situation.

We are Ruby house and tests are written using Minitest, but this does not have to stay so, if you have better ideas! We also expect your assistance to the rest of the DevOps team in resolving issues, fixing bugs and hope you'll grow into grand master of Dev/QA.

Our team is small, but full of ambition and drive to make a difference in the domains world.

Please send your CV and/or LinkedIn profile to

Email again: