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Work continues on proposals received to change new domain name rules

During a month of public debate the Estonian Internet Foundation received 455 proposals to change domain rules, and cooperation with those who submitted the proposals is ongoing

The chairman of the foundation’s board, Marek-Andres Kauts, announced that 164 of the 455 proposals received were unique. The proposals were submitted by 31 different groups, including the Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications, the Estonian Banking Association, the Association of Estonian Patent Attorneys, CERT Estonia, EENet and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, most of whom are involved in the process of shaping the final version of the new rules.

"It was great to see such a large number of proposals come in, and that they led to such long and constructive discussion,” said Kauts. “It shows that we have an active community with a real voice and willingness to contribute. The foundation would like to thank everyone who submitted proposals. We hope the new domain rules will be finalised soon and take into account the interests of the Internet community."

The main points under discussion in the proposals were identifying people upon domain registration, clarification of the definitions used in the rules, time extensions for registrars, the registration process itself and establishing special registration rules for domain names that have a correlation with people’s names.

Editorial suggestions in clarifying the definitions and wording the draft will see predominant use. The identification requirement during registration is directly related to cyber security and thus specific conditions for its implementation will be carefully analysed. Registrants and registrars will be given a preparation extension of three months. The new rules will take effect on 1 May 2010.

The final version on the new .ee domain rules will be published on the Estonian Internet website.

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