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Better in many ways – check out the new registrant portal!

We are pleased to announce that our registrant portal was revamped significantly ahead of the turn of the year. We gave the portal a new look and added a number of practical functions: domain data can now be locked and users can make their contact information public, if they so wish. Estonian has been restored as a selection under the language options and the new portal is once again accessible to foreign nationals.

Better in many ways – check out the new registrant portal!

The registrant portal is aimed at active domain registrants who need a comprehensive overview of all of their domains, in particular if their domains are registered with different registrars.

The new portal is in many ways better than the old one: for example, we gave the portal a new look and revamped the user interface. Now the portal is similar to our website and auction environment – being bigger, more user-friendly and more convenient. Moreover, all functions provided by the old portal were maintained while two important functions were added:

Registry lock

The most important addition is the registry lock – an option to lock the registration data. The lock is intended to protect the domain data against unwanted alteration. Each registrant can use their electronic ID to lock their data so that the registrar can only renew the registration. Any other externally initiated alterations – such as changing the owner or registrar, name servers or DNSSEC keys – are locked. The data can only be changed after the registrant has unlocked their domain.

Making contact information public

As a consequence of the entry into force of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) publishing the contact information of domain name registrants was no longer legal without the express consent of the individual registrants. Obtaining access to contact information required multiple consents to different things on multiple forms throughout the site. Because many users have asked for an option to make their contact information voluntarily public we added such an option to the new environment, and now each individual can choose whether to make their data public or not.

For user identification we introduced the Information System Authority’s (RIA) TARA service together with a change of international significance – eIDAS, the European electronic identification, authentication and trust services, enabling enable secure and seamless electronic transactions. The solution makes the portal accessible to nationals of Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark and other* Member States that have adopted electronic identification solutions.

Click here to check out the new registrant portal >>>

We very much hope that the portal will be used by an increasing number of users, and welcome your feedback on any aspect of your experience and suggestions for improving our services. Please send your feedback to

* Altogether 12 EU countries: Belgium, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Slovakia and Czech Republic

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