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Changes to release of .ee domains

From 26 March 2019, all expiring .ee domains will go to the domain auction in the .ee auction portal.
Changes to release of .ee domains
The domain auction lasts 24 hours (00:00-23: 59 GMT + 2). The preferential right for domain registration will go to auction, with a starting price of EUR 5 plus VAT. Only the winning bid will be payable. After the winning bid is paid, the winner of the auction receives a domain reservation code to register the domain with a .ee registrar of their choice. The price of the domain registration will be added to the transaction according to the registrar's price list. The preferential right for domain registration will be reserved for the winner of the auction for 14 days.
Domains that receive no bids within 24 hours will be released and are freely available for registration to anyone interested in the “first-come, first-served” principle.

The bidding information in the .ee auction environment will not be made public. Auctions are in the form of a blind auction, where bidders cannot see other offers.

The auction portal service can be used by anyone that has opened a user account. Everyone in the environment has equal opportunities to acquire a domain registration priority.

You can read more about the terms and conditions of the auction portal here, and information on how to create a user account and conduct an auction is available here.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Estonian Internet Foundation at or +372 727 1000.

Email again: