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.ee zone file publicly available as of 5 July

The zone file is essentially a text file containing information about the domain name and related services, including name servers. In order for the domain-related services to be found on the Internet and to be used, information about them must be in the zone file. The file, including subdomains,, and, is downloadable via the AXFR protocol on the address For example dig ee. axfr >
.ee zone file publicly available as of 5 July
Public zone file will increase the openness of .ee namespace. The data in the zone file is public by nature, and is available as a set in the zone file. The data contained in the zone file has so far only been accessible by single queries through the domain search database WHOIS. If you want your domain name not to be found in the .ee zone file, it must be registered without name servers or the records must be removed from an existing domain name.

Publishing the zone file will contribute to the development of the internet in Estonia, enable the analysis of the data, and allow its use in research, studies and business, plus enable the archiving of websites of greater importance. For example, banks will have better opportunities for monitoring potential phishing attempts or registrations made to take advantage of spelling errors. Smart domain name generators and DNS-based firewalls are also examples of services where the publishing of the zone file will contribute to development. 

There is no confidential information in the zone file, and it is also no longer possible to find personal data relating to the domains in the zone file from the public domain search database WHOIS. The zone file is not an exhaustive list of .ee domains. If the domain has been registered without name server records, or such records have been removed from the existing domain, it is not included in the zone file. If you have any questions about the adding or removing of name servers, please turn to your registrar or service provider. Domains in suspension or deletion proceedings are also not included in the file. 

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