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Watch and think along - Internet Day 2021 will take place on May 25 via live broadcast!

If the sixth Internet Day, which was to take place in March last year, was not held due to the pandemic, then this year, the event will take place via a secure live broadcast. However, despite the changed circumstances, the idea of Internet Day still remains the same - to bring together those interested in the Estonian Internet community to contribute to the development of our Internet by discussing topical issues. The motto of this year's Internet Day is "Tomorrow's weather on the Internet."

Watch and think along - Internet Day 2021 will take place on May 25 via live broadcast!

What's going on with the weather of the Internet - do you know? If the real weather forecast is repeated every hour, then no one has heard of the internet weather forecast. However, the daily lives of all of us increasingly depend on how well the Internet works and how we can operate there and make sense of what is seen there.

Internet Day 2021 will take place on May 25 from 10 am to 1.10 pm and will consist of three discussion panels:

10.10 - 11.00 Little lie, big lie, internet lie?
More and more often, information of dubious value or flat-out lies can be found on the Estonian Internet, and often these are no longer soft topics but statements believing in, which poses a direct threat to public health. If social media has specific procedures in place to report incorrect information to site managers, how is it organized in the case of home pages? What is the journey from noticing one big and clear e-lie to removing it? Is the current system good enough for citizens, or can it be significantly improved by a few simple methods? And should the Internet have a responsible editor? PS. While not forgetting that we have freedom of opinion and expression.

Karmen Turk, Law Office Triniti
Katrin Tiidenberg, Professor of Participatory Culture at Tallinn University
Andero Sepp, web constable
Martin Laine, journalist, Delfi fact check
Moderated by Henrik Roonemaa

11.10 - 12.00 | Green internet - reality or green laundry?
If you take the Internet to pieces, which of them is the most environmentally friendly? And would making this piece greener change anything in a broader sense? What is the extent of resources the Estonian Internet consumes today, and what can our ISPs, web solution managers, or the end-users do to really make the Estonian Internet footprint smaller? Or, wait a little, don't you smell one of the more expensive types of (green) laundry powder here? And what does the rest of the world do, and how to apply their practices here?

Harri Moora, environmental scientist, SEI Tallinn, Senior Expert
Andre Visse, Telia Estonia, Chief Technology Officer
Ivo Krustok, Ministry of the Environment, Climate Adviser
Moderated by Henrik Roonemaa

12.20 - 13.10 | Google, Google on the table, whose Internet is the most sovereign of them all?
Each country is a smith of its own truth and the caster of its own Internet - this is how the well-known verse of an Estonian song could be paraphrased because a unified, free internet with equal rules for everyone inevitably tends to remain further and further in the past. How do we, Western countries, understand the sovereignty of the Internet, and what kind of Internet do Russia and China, for example, dream of? What is the role of governments in directing digital responsibility, and is it, in fact, protectionism that is gaining strength on the Internet under the guise of sovereignty? And how does the growing fragmentation affect Estonian Internet users?

Kadri Kaska, Researcher at the NATO Cyber Defense Competence Center
Linnar Viik, IT visionary
Moderated by Henrik Roonemaa

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