DNSSEC in Estonia

DNSSEC is available in .ee zone since January 2014.

Estonian Internet Foundation (EIF) uses registry-registrar model for managing Estonian ccTLD. You have two options to get your .ee domain signed with DNSSEC. First option is to set up a DNSSEC infrastructure and send the DNSKEY to the registrar of your .ee domain name who will forward it to the registry. All registrars accredited by EIF are able to do that. Second and the easiest option is to use the services of a registrar or nameserver service provider. The list of registrars offering DNSSEC as a service is available at www.internet.ee/en, see accredited .ee registrars table and look for the green key:

DNSSEC is currently validated by these Estonian Internet Service Providers (ISP): Elion, EMT, Infonet and STV. To test whether your resolving nameserver is validating DNSSEC use the following link broken.dnssec.ee. If you can access this page your ISP is not validating DNSSEC and it is a good idea to ask them to start doing it!

Take a look at the video "What is DNSSEC?"

What is DNSSEC? from RIA on Vimeo.

To ensure the security of your online visitors, you can protect your website with the DNSSEC security keys.

The publication of the video was supported by the European Union Structural Funds programme "Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society". The video/production of the video was ordered by the Estonian Infomation System Authority.