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eeID service brings strong authentication methods to one platform

Does your company rely on software solutions that demand seamless user identification? Imagine a world where the administrative hassle of managing these identification methods is no longer your concern. The Estonian Internet Foundation presents eeID, your one-stop solution for robust personal identification methods, all consolidated into a single, user-friendly platform. With eeID, we're here to help you save precious time and resources.
eeID service brings strong authentication methods to one platform

If you've recently received Smart-ID's notification about changes to their certificates impacting e-services integrated with their authentication and e-signing, eeID is your knight in shining armor. No more worrying about technical updates, contracts, security keys, or daily administrative burdens. We've got it all covered.

With eeID, access all your robust identification services under one roof, saving you time and money. Now you can focus on what truly matters, with peace of mind.

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