eeID – Secure and Passwordless Authentication

Does your company offer software solutions or services for which identifying its end users is needed? Do you wish to use secure, yet convenient verification for identifying the users? For this very purpose, we have created the eeID identification service that offers strong authentication with an international scope.

Identifying digital service users has become more and more important. This helps to ensure the safety of both companies and people in the digital world. Secure and strong verification helps to protect users' personal data, prevent identity theft and in addition protect businesses from potential cyber threats and attacks. Various national and international solutions, created by the private sector, such as bank IDs, are becoming more and more actively used. However, integrating with all existing solutions, managing connections and keys is a large-scale job for everyone. At the same time, password-based and authentication that use the Google or Meta accounts, are more prone to cyber attacks and do not provide comprehensive information about the user's identity.

eeID brings together various technologies enabling strong electronic verification. Therefore, we offer companies a future-proof service by making personal it more accessible, efficient, flexible, and convenient.

Why use eeID service?

  • Strong and secure: eeID is based on Estonia's national authentication service TARA

  • International Capabilities: eeID extends its service to an international level

  • FIDO Passwordless Authentication: Offers secure authentication based on the FIDO standard

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Adapts to the unique needs of your company

  • Administrative Efficiency: Reduces the administrative burden and conserves valuable resources

  • NIS2 Directive Compliance: Meets the cybersecurity requirements of the NIS2 directive

eeID has been created with the needs of companies in mind. We thereby offer the opportunity to direct all electronic identification related activities, which imperceptibly increase the daily administrative burden, outside of the company. In addition, there is no need to find the right authentication solution for every foreign market or customer. In this way, users can be securely identified, and no transaction is left unfinished due to the complexity of the solution.

eeID also offers an ideal solution for companies that need to review their processes in the light of the NIS2 directive, which increases cyber security. This is especially the case when identifying international customers, for whom it is important to find a simple, convenient and reliable solution.

eeID supports many national and international solutions:

  • eIDAS
  • Estonia: ID-card, Mobile-ID, SmartID
  • Czech Republic: MojeID 
  • Belgium: CSAM
  • Latvia: Smart ID, eParaksts
  • Lithuania: Smart ID, Mobile ID
  • Portugal: Autenticacao gov 
  • Sweden: Freja+
  • For global clients: FIDO video verification in collaboration with Veriff

FIDO passwordless authentication

FIDO, the Fast Identity Online, is an open consortium that provides a solution for a global password-centric system by using a strong and multi-level authentication. In this way, several bottlenecks related to the use of passwords are alleviated - weakness, irregular change, reuse, etc. FIDO offers users the opportunity to confirm their identity through biometric methods such as fingerprint and facial recognition. FIDO matches the standards set for cyber security, is based on international regulations and helps to build mutual trust.

With the help of FIDO, we are creating a digital identity for the person using the eeID service, which can be used to conveniently identify yourself at all service providers that offer the eeID option. For users, there is no need to use and manage passwords.

Veriff videoID

Veriff is a verification platform that helps us to verify individuals in seconds anywhere in the world. Veriff identifies a person's identity combining a document and video verifications. It is an AI-powered automation with reinforced learning from human feedback and is required, uses manual validation. With a 95% of successful verification in a first try and more than 1 000 used data points in the analysis process, Veriff is not only secure, but also user-friendly. Veriff supports more than 11 500 document specimens from more than 230 countries all over the world, therefore it an ideal tool that enables the creation of strong digital identity for customers around the globe. 

No monthly fee, pay only for requests made

eeID's pricing is clear and transparent - you only pay for the requests made. This provides additional flexibility for small and medium-sized businesses whose monthly inquiries do not reach the thousands. For larger companies, we offer a detailed quote based on the number of monthly inquiries. To do this, please contact us at

The eeID personal identification service works on a prepaid basis, according to which the user of the service transfers the desired amount to his account (automated), from which we deduct the fee for each authentication. Therefore, billing is done conveniently and unnoticed by the service user. The price of one request by the eIDs is only 0.1€+VAT and by video ID 0,01€+VAT.

How to order the eeID service?

  • Head to eeID portal:

  • Create an account

  • Add new service and credit to your account (the sandbox payment system is available for test services)

  • Our admins will review and approve your application

  • We will send you a notification once the service has been approved and the interface is ready to use.

eeID service is based on the Estonian Information System Authorities solution TARA - see the technical specifications here.

If you have questions regarding the deployment or management of the service, please write to