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Estonian IGF examines the influence of election results and the future of the Internet

The Estonian Internet Foundation Internet Governance Forum called Internet Day 2024 will be taking place on April 10th. The theme of the event is “Is This the Internet We Wanted?”. The moderator of the event is beloved tech journalist, Henrik Roonemaa.
Estonian IGF examines the influence of election results and the future of the Internet

Internet Day brings together the Estonian Internet community and those interested in the field to contribute to the development of the internet through discussions. This year, the influence of elections, the present and future of the Internet and the possibilities of AI in solving global problems will be examined.

The day starts with the panel discussion "Data leads to election victory?!". The topic is prompted by the upcoming European Parliament elections, which makes many of us think about whether and how they want to sway our choice to one side or the other. Together with the experts, we will talk about what techniques and data are used for this, how big a role the Internet plays in it, whether all of this has a real impact on the final decision.

The discussion "Is this the Kind of Internet we wanted?" will look into the present and future of the Internet. Searching for information in the vastness of the Internet, we receive highly optimized and personalized results.. In addition, the use of our social media channels has started to be affected by changes made by their owners and by becoming paid in some form. In such a situation, who deserves the trust, how do we shape the future of social media and the Internet, and who are the biggest drivers of it? We will find the answers to these and many other questions.

However, it is certain that the future is in the hands of AI. Discussion "To become world champions with the help of AI?" opens up to listeners the diversity and impact of the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence technologies. We also talk about whether we should take lessons from the success of the Estonian Tiger Leap and design another project focused on AI? How to bring the possibilities of new technology to all companies and people so that they can enjoy its sweet fruits together? We'll find out soon enough.

Internet Day panel discussions will be enriched by introductions from projects that were supported by the Estonian Internet Foundation last year - TalTech's "Cyber ​​Talents and the teachers who support them" and Tartu University's "Cyber ​​Tigers: Motivation and achievements in girls' cyber education".

The event is in Estonian and will be live-streamed through YouTube. Participation in Internet Day is free for everyone. Read more and register for the event at pä

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