List of reserved domain names

According to clause 3.2.5 of the Domain Regulation, certain domains are reserved and can only be registered as Domain Names by the entitled persons. The list of reserved domains is established by the EIF’s management board and it is published on the EIF website.

The list of reserved domains includes domain names that the EIF has made available for registration only to legitimate persons with the aim of protecting Internet users from potential malicious activity or misuse.

According to the Rules of the Domain Disputes Committee, the .ee Domain Name that is the subject of the application is also reserved in case the registration of that Domain Name has been deleted. Registration of such a reserved Domain Name may be applied for within three years of the Committee’s decision by any person entitled to do so.

Similarly, all Domain Names identical to place names confirmed on the list of administrative units on the territory of Estonia are reserved for registration by the respective local authority or the person designated by the latter.

Also, all Domain Names comprising only numbers that are similar to the short numbers used in the Estonian numbering plan, under the numbering licence reserved for the holders of the corresponding numbering licence during the period of validity of the numbering licence, are reserved.

In addition, all country names in Estonian are reserved for registration by the embassy or consulate of the country concerned.

A Domain Name registration may be applied for by submitting a Domain Name registration application in accordance with the provisions of the Domain Regulation, together with the relevant documentation confirming the right to register the reserved Domain Name.