The purpose of this document is to specify, pursuant to clause 3.2.5 of the Estonian Internet Foundation (EIF) Domain Regulation, a list of reserved domains and special conditions for registering reserved domains.


1.1. In addition to adhering to the provisions of the Domain Regulation, a Registrant who submits an application for registering a reserved domain name shall be obliged to submit materials substantiating the right to register the relevant reserved Domain Name.

1.2. The Registrant shall be responsible for the authenticity of the data presented in the application and must notify the Registrar of changes in the said data within 7 business days by submitting the application set forth in clause 5.3.3 of the Domain Regulation.

1.3. The Registrar shall verify the conformity of the data submitted upon registration of a reserved domain name to the conditions for registration of reserved domain names and shall apply for a domain name Authorisation Code from EIF.

1.4. If a Registrant no longer conforms to the requirements for registration of domain names, it shall notify the Registrar, who shall disclose to EIF the Authorisation Code for the given domain name. EIF may also independently demand that the Registrar disclose the relevant Authorisation Code.


2.1. All Estonian-language country names are reserved for registration by the embassy or consulate of the corresponding country. The list of Estonian-language country names is published in the list of Names of Countries of the World maintained by the Institute of the Estonian Language (Eesti Keele Instituudi Maailma Maade Nimede loetelu).

  • 2.1.1. The authorised representative of a country (an embassy, consulate or the equivalent) may apply for registration of a domain name.

2.2. All domain names which are comprised solely of numerals and are similar to the short numbers used on the basis of the Estonian numbering plan shall be reserved for the respective holders of the right of use to a number during the term of validity of the right of use.

2.3. All domains similar to place names in the list of Territory of Estonia Administrative Units are reserved for registration for the respective local government or person authorised thereby.

2.4. - 2.7. Repealed

2.8. A .ee domain name constituting the object of the Application is reserved pursuant to the Rules of The Domain Disputes Committee, if the registration of the domain name has been deleted. An entitled person may apply to register the reserved domain name under its own name within three years after the Committee’s decision.

2.9. If the domain is released or is used in bad faith, the Estonian Internet Foundation will reserve that domain name and add it to the list of blocked domains clause 1.2.

In case of any wording misapprehensions between the English and Estonian version, wording in Estonian is superior and legally binding.