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How to increase the security of your website?

A website is a digital gateway to customers for any business. Therefore, a functional and secure website is crucial not only for its owner but also for the end user. Let's take a closer look at what you can do to ensure the security of your page.
How to increase the security of your website?

The Estonian Internet Foundation manages the .ee top-level domain. It is the most well-known and reliable domain extension among Estonians: as of today, more than 163,000 .ee domains can be found on the Internet In order to ensure the security of Estonian, and the internet overall, the contribution of all .ee domains is crucial.

So, how can you make your website even more secure? The easiest way to start is to install the domain name system security extension DNSSEC. DNSSEC gives end users the assurance that the data entered on the website will not reach the bad guys. When using a security extension, you can be sure that when entering the website address in the browser, the user will not be redirected to a page with a very similar appearance, through which fraudsters could phish people's data. The data of interest may include personal and bank information of users visiting the website. DNSSEC can be conveniently installed on your website with the purchase of a .ee web address (you can filter the accredited registrars who offer DNSSEC in our database). However, the security extension can also be added manually to an existing website.

Internet communication, in general, is secured with the help of DANE. Figuratively speaking, it is a lock and key system that protects information and its movement between two parties. DANE is generally used for email services and it adds an additional level of security to the information exchange system. Therefore, before transmitting information to the specified destination, it is crucial to check whether the website to which the information is sent uses the correct security keys. However, in the case of DANE, it is important to implement it as widely as possible in order to achieve Internet security on a broader level.

Strong identification of users, which is becoming increasingly important, also contributes to website security. It is important to ensure the security of both companies and people using services in the digital world. Effective and strong authentication helps to protect users' personal data, prevent identity theft and companies from hackers. Various national electronic identification solutions, such as e-IDs or bank IDs created by the private sector, are becoming more and more actively used. But integrating with all existing solutions, managing connections and keys is an extensive job for companies. At the same time, password-based or weak authentication solutions with Google or Meta accounts leave the door open to cyber attacks and do not provide complete information about the user's identity.

As a solution, we have created an identification service eeID that implements strong electronic personal identification technologies. Thereby, we offer a forward-looking solution that makes personal identification more accessible, efficient, flexible and convenient. The solution is based on the Estonian national TARA authentication that ensures the security and capability of the service. Thanks to FIDO, eeID has a passwordless capability and international reach.

To conclude, the website owner has several ways to increase the level of cyber security for himself and his customers. By using secure and reliable solutions for the authentication of websites and users, a contribution is also made to making the entire internet safer.

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