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The .ee domain auction helps to make the Estonian internet more efficient and safer

The Estonian Internet Foundation (EIF) manages the TLD .ee domain. A couple of months ago, EIF started the auctioning of previously reserved and blocked .ee domain names, meaning that it is now possible to become an owner of toponymic and single-character .ee domains. Proceeds from the auction will be invested in making .ee more efficient and secure. In addition, EIF funds projects that support the local Internet community.
The .ee domain auction helps to make the Estonian internet more efficient and safer

Toponymic Treasures and Single-Character Gems

Imagine owning web addresses that are not only memorable but also one-of-a-kind. We're thrilled to introduce toponymic and single-character .ee domains to the market, ensuring instant recall and creative combinations.,, are just one of the outstanding examples. The single-character .ee domains aren't just web addresses - their digital assets that set anyone apart in the virtual world. In addition, obtaining the .ee domain name from the auction, you contribute to the Estonian internet and the community.

Investing in a Safer and More Efficient Internet

The participation in the .ee domain auction isn't just about securing a remarkable domain; it's also about investing in the future of Estonia's internet. The proceeds from this auction will be invested into making .ee domain more efficient and secure. One of our goals is to implement cloud services, ensuring the utmost reliability and quality for domain owners. In addition, EIF is developing and promoting the DNSSEC and DANE services in Estonia. Therefore, making the .ee domains and our digital environment more secure for everyone.

Empowering Strong Authentication

EIF is also developing solutions for companies in order to make the digital solutions more efficient. Our authentication service eeID is designed to simplify strong personal authentication by bringing various providers together on one platform. eeID allows companies to save time from the administration and billing of each service provider's contracts, security keys and service parameters. This not only enhances security but also saves valuable time and resources for companies, contributing to a safer internet ecosystem. .

Supporting Digital Education

Since 2017, we've also been championing projects that promote digital and IT knowledge, especially among youth. We plan to continue our contribution and investment to the society also in the future. These initiatives, carried out by educational institutions of all levels, provide students with valuable experiences outside traditional classrooms. Your participation in the auction directly contributes to nurturing the digital talents of tomorrow.

In conclusion, the .ee domain auction is not only an exclusive chance to become an owner of an outstanding domain, but also a great opportunity to give back to the society. Reserved and blocked .ee domains will be released in limited batches until the summer of 2024. Participate in the .ee domain auction today at

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