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eeID brings personal identification to the future

In today's world, secure and effective personal identification of end users is becoming more and more important in order to protect both companies and service users from possible bad guys and theft. In addition to security, the convenience and flexibility of the solution cannot be left behind. For this very purpose, the Estonian Internet Foundation has created the eeID personal identification service, which offers a strong authentication solution with an international reach.
eeID brings personal identification to the future

Information systems have to face more and more sophisticated cyber attacks. Both personal and bank data as well as identity can fall prey to cyber criminals, corporate databases are even sweeter targets. Therefore, authenticating users of a service is one of the key ways to increase a company's cyber security.

State and private electronic identification solutions have come into active use, but connecting to all existing solutions, interfacing and managing keys is a resource-intensive task. However, password-based or weak authentication solutions through Google and Meta accounts leave the company's door open to cyber attacks and do not provide full information about the user's identity.

eeID electronic identification brings the future of personal identification services to companies by applying various technologies enabling strong electronic personal identification. The service consolidates several national and international authentication solutions on one platform, and thus directs the activities related to their management out of the company. In this way, we create an opportunity to organize personal identification in a more efficient and secure way, while at the same time adding international capability thanks to password-free authentication. As a bonus, eeID gives Estonian companies the opportunity to access state-created services, such as Bürokratt.

The eeID solution is based on the national authentication service TARA, which ensures a high level of service security. In addition to the authentication services used in Estonia, eeID also allows access to the eID solutions of Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. International and password-free capabilities are added by the FIDO global authentication standard. With this, a new digital identity is created for the person using the eeID service, enabling convenient identification with all service providers offering the eeID solution. For users, this eliminates the need to use and manage passwords, for companies it creates a convenient and secure way to identify international users, including those located outside the European Union.

According to Timo Võhmar, the creator of eeID and development manager of the Estonian Internet Foundation, eeID was developed with the needs of companies in mind. Because eeID allows institutions to outsource the administrative burden of their authentication solutions to a third party while increasing the number of options available, it is a great way to make processes more efficient and flexible. New foreign and international authentication solutions are constantly added to the platform - eeID is constantly developing and creates even more value for service users. Thanks to passwordless authentication, several risks related to weak passwords are also significantly reduced. eeID is also an excellent and convenient solution for those companies that need to change or improve their processes in light of the regulations resulting from the NIS2 directive, which will enter into force this year.

The pricing of the eeID personal identification service is clear and transparent - you only pay for the requests made and there is no monthly package fee. This gives additional flexibility especially to small and medium-sized companies whose number of monthly inquiries does not reach thousands. The service works on a prepaid basis, from which a fee is deducted for each authentication. Therefore, billing for the service is organized comfortably and unobtrusively.

Join the eeID service today through the portal and read more about the conditions of its use on our website powerful personal identification service is just a few steps away from you - let us help create a secure future for your company!

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