To become a .ee accredited registrar, you need to submit an application and complete both the knowledge of the Regulation and the technical test.

How to become a .ee accredited registrar?

Submit an application

Please read .ee's Registrar Contract and submit us the Registrar Application. Application can be filled and sent via an online form here.


After submitting the application you have to take a knowledge test of .ee Domain Regulation, a certification test, and a technical EPP test. More information on the tests can be found below under "What should I know about the tests?".

Test questions

You will find a variety of test questions here to prepare for the actual testing process.

1. What should I know about the tests?

After Estonian Internet Foundation has approved the registrar application, the potential registrar must choose amongst his or her employees the person (s) who will take the knowledge test of the .ee Domain Regulation, the certification test, and the technical test. They will be your .ee accredited employees.

  • First, you must complete a certification test, which can be done by email; and then
  • a technical test, which can be performed either through the EPP or the registrar's portal via the web interface. Before completing the technical test, you should take a look at our test environments to know the various interfaces and services.
  • test can be done in Estonian or in English.

Certification test

The certification test consists of 10-12 questions that check the knowledge of the potential registrar of the two most important documents for the .ee registrar - the .ee Domain Regulation and the Registrar Contract with the annexes. The purpose of the test is to ensure that the applicant team has a person(s) who has acquired sufficient knowledge of both the general functioning of the domain market and the .ee Regulation and the registry system. It takes 90 minutes to complete the certification test. The test has been successfully completed if 70% of the questions are answered correctly.

Technical test

Upon successful completion of the certification test, the potential registrar must also pass the technical test either through the EPP or the Registrar's portal via a web interface. The test checks whether the applicant is able to create commands for all registry operations and pass them to the registry test server. The technical test includes exemplary tasks for all registration services and more frequently performed operations. For example, creating contacts and domains, querying information, changing domain contacts and name servers, reading polls, etc.. Tasks presented in the test must be carried out as a whole and we assume that the registrar is already convinced of the ability of his system to communicate with the .ee Registry system or can use the Registrar portal, the operations themselves should take a relatively short time, certainly not more than a few hours.