.ee registry system

The new registry system has been developed as an open source project and can be found

EPP documentation: https://github.com/internetee/registry/blob/master/doc/epp/README.md
REPP documentation: https://github.com/internetee/registry/blob/master/doc/repp-doc.md
XML schemas: https://github.com/internetee/registry/tree/master/lib/schemas

Production environment

Registrar's test environment


  • EPP API - please send certificate signing request and an IP address, from where you need the access to jaana.jarve@internet.ee;
  • Registrar's portal - please send us a username, personal identification code (authentication with the ID-card), certificate signing request (cn value has to be the username) and IP addresses, from where you need the access to jaana.jarve@internet.ee.

Billing archive

The invoices created in the old .ee registry system can be found in the previous registrar's portal at https://oldinvoice.internet.ee/registrar. Other functions of the portal are not working.